If you’re ready to start selling printables

but you don’t want to pay monthly shop fees…

this is for you!

Introducing the

Printables Promo Microsite™


Your all-in-one shopping site solution—with only a one-time fee!

Get two ready-made versions of the same Printables Shop site, each with unique features, in our special bundle offer.

*No additional plugins, shop fees, or monthly payments required!

What exactly is the Printables Promo Microsite™?

Promo Microsites™
save you time!

With your Printables Promo Microsite™, you’ll be able to:

  • Sell all of your printables and digital products in one convenient place.
  • No need to pay monthly shop fees like you do with Shopify, Send Owl, and other popular shop sites.
  • No need to pay additional fees on top of PayPal/Stripe fees for each product you sell like on Etsy or Payhip
  • Get your products listed quickly so you can start making $$$
  • Offer your clients a password-protected Resource Library.
  • Set up your own affiliate program through the Surecart integration (no extra fees!)
  • Use the pre-built site with UNLIMITED domains for your own business… the possibilities are endless!
  • Completely customizable to fit your unique brand and needs.
Best Value – ONE TIME FEE!

This specially-priced limited offer includes two different versions of the Printables Microsite™, one with a WooCommerce integration and the other with a Surecart integration.

These microsites can be used on unlimited domains for your own business, making the possibilities endless as your business grows and evolves.

  • Test which online shop would work best for you
  • Build different types of shops for your various offers
  • As your business needs change easily transition to the other sales platform without having to rebuild your shop!

Get it now before we sell them separately!

Flexiblity with WooCommerce

  • Link to any product from an external cart
  • Provide a Free Resource Library
  • Use with unlimited domains for your own business
  • Completely customizable to fit your brand.
  • Tutorial videos included!

All-in-one with Surecart

  • Affiliate Program built-in
  • Sell Membership
  • Provide a Free Resource Library
  • Use with unlimited domains for your own business
  • Completely customizable to fit your brand
  • Tutorial videos included!

You don’t have to do this alone.

When you buy the Printables Promo Microsite™ Bundle, you’re not just getting an optimized shopping site, you’re also getting access to the
Promo Microsite™ Community.

Inside the community, you’ll get:

Step-by-Step Guidance

Complete set-up, installation, design, customization, and copywriting videos to take you through the process of getting your shop ready, step-by-step.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing tech and copywriting support to help you get set up as soon as possible.

Q+A Zoom calls with Andrea and Yolande to make sure you don’t get stuck.

Community forum

Dedicated community forum to connect with other entrepreneurs, get support, and get your questions answered


We’re hosting a live Get-It-Done Session (Value $160) on Monday, June 10, @ 9 am Eastern time.

Get the Printables Promo Microsite™ Bundle
+ Bonus Get-It-Done Live Session
now for just $149 (value $457)

Meet the writing and design dynamic duo

Andrea Frey
Creative Copy, LLC

Yolandé Dugmore
FeatheredVine Studio

This is for you if:

  • You want to get a shop up and running for your business but don’t want to figure it all out alone
  • You don’t want to pay monthly shop fees or fees on products sold above and beyond your Stripe/Paypal fees (like you have to on Shopify, Sendowl, or others)
  • You want step-by-step guidance to get things set up with ongoing support

This is NOT for you if:

  • You don’t have a domain name and website hosting already (you don’t have to have a website set up, just the domain name and hosting)
  • You want someone to set everything up for you (in that case, our 1:1 services are a better fit)

Premium Quality

Your time is valuable, and we’re committed to helping you get your printable and digital products out into the world as seamlessly as possible. 

That’s why we’ve created this bundle for you.

As soon as you hit that “buy” button, you’ve got instant access to the entire site experience, and it has absolutely everything you need to get your Promo Microsite™ up and rolling. 

Because you get access right away, we’re not able to accommodate returns or refunds. However, we’re committed to making sure you’re supported throughout this entire experience.

So, if you’re ready to have an online shop without all the hassle, this is your chance!

Hit that buy button to grab the Printables Promo Microsite™ Bundle + Bonus Get-It-Done Live Session for just $149

To get started with this Microsite, you’ll need a WordPress.org setup, and that means having a web hosting provider. If your website is currently on a different platform like Shopify, don’t worry! You can grab our special Promo Microsite™ Hosting Package for $5 a month here: https://promomicrosite.com/hosting

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No, there can be no conflicts with your current website setup. The Promo Microsite™ is installed as a standalone WordPress website, separate from your main website, ensuring there are no conflicts with your existing themes or configurations.

There’s no limit to the number of websites you can add the Promo Microsite™ to, provided you own these websites. Please refrain from sharing it with others.